I Dream of… Doritos??

It’s official. I had my first real food challenge-related dream last night. Yes, just 48 hours into this endeavour. 

I was with my family. The TV was on, and I was mindlessly eating doritos (cheese, in case you were curious). About halfway down the bowl, I look at my hands, stop, realize I’m eating contraband, and get mad. While I can’t recall the specific exclamation, I believe it was something along the lines of: 

Seriously?!? I couldn’t even make it through my second day??

My next thought? 

Doritos?? I don’t even like doritos that much. 

I will say I felt a real sense of relief when I woke up and realized I did not ruin my challenge in under 48 hours. Then I reflected that my family watched me eating the snack for much longer than I considered appropriate. Yes, this was now irrelevant as I was reflecting upon an imagined situation. But, I still thought it. 

Prior to this challenge, I did spend some time writing down potential roadblocks and barriers – I needed to really think about whether I could do this. Some of the ones I identified include:

  • catered lunches, dinners
  • social events involving meals
  • being tired/having no energy and not wanting to cook
  • long days at work
  • longing for certain foods

Then I realized that if I can make it through the next nine days, I can make it through the rest.

Why next week, you ask? By the end of nine days, I will have worked 12 consecutive days and most will range between 12 – 18 hours. Before you wonder if you should alert someone about employment standards, this is atypical, and I actually enjoy the week. The other 50 weeks of the year are much more civilized. However, the week involves almost every barrier I identified above. 

I will say that I did already make it through a catered lunch meeting. I felt a little strange breaking out my tupperware when there was an array of food options. But, no one seemed to care at all, and I wasn’t as phased as I would have thought when people started comparing which dessert square was the most delicious. Ironically, this was the 30th meeting with this same group, and we’ve eaten many lunches together, so it was odd that this was the first time multiple people felt inspired to specifically discuss the desserts. 

So, the coming days will be a good test of whether I’m cut out for this kind of thing. In the meantime, here’s hoping that if I’m going to cheat during my dreams, it’s at least going to be better than cheese doritos. 



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