The Dreaded Dinner Invite

I woke up this morning to find this message on my phone from a friend I haven’t seen in a long time:

I’m in town. Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?

Awesome, I thought, I haven’t seen her in months!

Then came the drop in my stomach. Shit. Dinner. She wants to go out for dinner.

I won’t lie, I felt uncomfortable about the suggestion for the sole fact that I hadn’t thought much about which restaurants would have acceptable options. It felt too soon.

I racked my brain about my options, which ranged from “maybe coffee would be safer” to “maybe she wouldn’t mind if I made her dinner”.
After explaining this situation to my other half, the recommendation of an independent restaurant close to work was raised. They would be likely to have suitable options. After vetting the menu online, I could see this was the case, and my friend agreed to meet there.

And, in the end, my meal was delicious and fresh, so all the worry was for naught.

This also means I now have my first dining out experience behind me. Milestone #2 accomplished (milestone #1 being the catered lunch).


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