The Headaches

So, I definitely knew undertaking this challenge would be difficult, and I knew I would struggle. However, I thought the struggle would be made more bearable by feeling better inside. And while I have had fewer GI troubles over the past five days, I have instead been plagued by headaches. 

In case you are wondering, I haven’t given up coffee. I still drink a coffee each morning, but instead of using my soy french vanilla creamer (Mmmm), I’ve been adding honey. I did panic when it dawned on me that I had just switched to a new bag of Colombian coffee, and I thought perhaps I had accidentally bought a bag of decaffeinated coffee. This would make me extremely sad as I actually purchased the coffee in Bogota, Colombia, and it’s one of my last bags. But, even with my rudimentary knowledge of Spanish, I concluded it’s not decaf. Hmm. 

Now, I can handle tension headaches as they usually subside with simple pain killers. But these are the behind one eye kind of headaches. The pain that I get at the start of a migraine. Pain that does not go away with simple pain killers. The result is me using up my migraine medication since I don’t have the luxury of not working right now. 

You might think it’s dehydration, but I drink a lot of water. I’m usually within arms reach of a water bottle, and I refill it often. 

I wondered if it might be my body adjusting to a loss, like the loss of refined sugar, and looked up withdrawal headaches online. In an attempt to find something reputable, I searched on google scholar. The first few journal articles had some relevance to sugar withdrawal, but the researchers were testing the effects on rats. Unfortunately, headaches were not one of the responses of the rats – just some jitters and shakes. 

I also did a quick regular search and mostly found people talking about their terrible headaches after giving up sugar. I was finding myself somewhat irritated by the posts… until it dawned on me that I’m now one of the people who might come up in a search about sugar withdrawal. Whoops. 

I’m not convinced yet that the headaches are linked to removing refined sugars. But I haven’t changed much over the past week except my coffee and eating real food. 


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