Hope, Sweet Hope

I have new hope for the remaining 93 days of this challenge, and I found it in the form of chocolate. Yesterday I made raw chocolate brownies with all natural ingredients. No baking required. And even with a small slip-up involving too much salt, they turned out really well.

I got the recipe from ohsheglows.com, a recent favourite for recipes since they are all dairy-free.

As I was trying the completed dessert, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and hope that the rest of this experience would be just fine. I may not have my old standbys, but this is just as delicious. And even better, I’ve now officially made chocolate from scratch using just coconut oil, cocoa powder, maple syrup, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. So it’s not only delicious but rewarding, too.


2 thoughts on “Hope, Sweet Hope

  1. I love Oh She Glows! Her dessert recipes are awesome: I’m a big fan of her chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cups in a jar and her peanut butter & jam nanaimo bars. Another good blog with lots of vegan recipes is dailygarnish.com.

    Looking forward to reading your blog!
    – Liz


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