The Slippery (BBQ Sauce) Slope

During a break on one of my longer days, I was offered a piece of freshly baked BBQ chicken thigh. It looked so delicious and my instant reply was “Really? Yes, please”. Then the angel on my shoulder kicked in and said, “Not so fast, what’s on those chicken thighs…”. It was in that moment I heard the devil on my shoulder say, “It’s just BBQ sauce. What’s the big deal? It’s so warm and delicious-looking. You won’t have to cook anything and will have more time to relax before going back to work”. I even let the devil stick around while confirming the label of BBQ did in fact contain far too many ingredients. 

As the reality set-in that the BBQ sauce was not in-line with my challenge, I declined the chicken. It was also in that moment that I had to acknowledge I need to be careful about the slippery slope. If I had let that voice – the voice that encourages the path of least resistance – win out, it wouldn’t be long before I start making exceptions to other “unapproved” foods. 

I definitely feel the effects of the long days and less sleep. The motivation to prepare my own foods has waned. The extra work to ensure I’m staying on track feels more arduous than usual.

Also, I spend a lot of time thinking about food – not in the I’m so sad I can’t eat chips kind of way, but in the what am I going to do about lunch, about snacks, about dinner. I wonder if it makes more sense to go home during a break or carefully scan a menu to look for suitable options. I know it will get easier, but I definitely look forward to getting to that point where it’s not so much effort to eat real food. 


One thought on “The Slippery (BBQ Sauce) Slope

  1. If you need a BBQ sauce fix, Oh She Glows has a pretty good recipe. I think it has a few tbsp’s of sugar but I’m sure you could replace that with honey/agave/etc.

    I’ve made it a few times and then realized that as a vegetarian, there are only so many things I put BBQ sauce on. But it’s delightful.


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