The Aftermath

Approximately four hours after the Chickpea Incident, my insides got angry. 

This made me simultaneously upset and hopeful. Let me explain.

First, the upset part. 

I was upset because I did it to myself. And, I feel it’s only right to disclose this additional information: a few hours after eating too many chickpeas, I got hungry while at work. I knew I wasn’t hungry enough for a meal, but I needed a snack to satiate me. Having not done groceries in a while, I was not armed with challenge-approved snacks. So, I considered my options at the on-campus restaurant. The two options under appetizers that would be acceptable were hummus (made in-house) and edamame. I would be lying if I said I didn’t seriously consider the hummus. But, I had more than filled my daily quota for this particular legume. So, edamame it was. Did I eat too many legumes yesterday? Oh ya.  Ultimately, it’s hard for me to say what exactly caused the discomfort, but it’s clear I only had myself to blame. 

Now, the hopeful part. 

Feeling the discomfort was a sure sign that I had, in fact, been feeling better inside for a number of days. I won’t go so far as to say I had been feeling amazing just yet. However, it was clear proof of intestinal improvement. It also dawned on me that I hadn’t complained about an upset stomach in days. Headaches, yes. Insides, no. 

So while I would not welcome the discomfort, in this case it acted as reinforcement that I am not only doing the right thing, but also that it’s starting to work. 


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