The Pizza Sauce Experiment

I love pizza. My body does not. 

In the past, when I wanted to eat pizza, it typically involved me popping lactaid pills and hoping my body wouldn’t revolt. Even if I didn’t feel so great afterwards, I would rationalize that the enjoyment I gained from pizza was worth the discomfort. 

Before I started this challenge, I did indulge and order some pizza as a way to say goodbye for the next few months. But a few days ago I started to think about whether I could make my own at home using a whole-wheat tortilla. Before I continue the pizza story, I’d like to address questions I’ve heard from a few people:

Can you eat bread/grains?

Yes. I consider bread and grains real food so long as they aren’t refined and/or highly processed. I’ve been buying sprouted whole grain products: Silver Hills bread and Food for Life english muffins and tortillas. Those are the ones you see in the freezer section of the grocery store near the gluten-free products. I haven’t always been a big fan of frozen bread since I do love a nice fresh slice of bread, but they’ve been quite easy to work with and they taste great. 

How can you eat pizza if you can’t eat cheese?

There is a cheddar cheese that I sometimes buy that is lactose-free, organic, and made in Canada. It’s real cheese. Not fake dairy-free cheese-like product. I’ve tried some of those, and while they taste like cheese when melted, the list of ingredients is, frankly, frightening. So, I’m sticking with my l’Ancetre lactose-free cheddar cheese. 

Back to the pizza. 

Once I got the idea to make a homemade tortilla pizza, I was excited but the excitement didn’t last long. I realized I couldn’t eat packaged pizza sauce as it is processed and likely contains sugar. So I went on the hunt for a pizza sauce recipe that didn’t involve hours of stove time. 

I found a simple recipe online with only seven ingredients: tomato paste, garlic, dried parsley, dried onion flakes, dried oregano, dried basil and water. I had everything except dried parsley, so I went outside to my new herb garden and picked some fresh parsley instead. The sauce only took 10 minutes to make and it was full of flavour. 

I put the sauce on the tortilla followed with chicken (leftover from my whole roasted chicken), tomato, spinach and cheese. In only 8 minutes, I had a delicious homemade pizza. 


So, did it measure up? Actually, yes. I know some people won’t believe me, but it didn’t taste second-rate or like some mediocre substitute. I’m not sure if it was the flavours in the sauce or the mix of toppings, but I genuinely enjoyed my dinner. 


2 thoughts on “The Pizza Sauce Experiment

  1. I will have to try your recipe and I like the idea of the tortilla as an alternative to dough as I too suffer after eating a regular pizza.


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