A Social Experiment

This weekend was a social one. It involved a goodbye party, dining out and catching up with friends living in different cities. All said, I was thrown a number of challenges, and I think I fared pretty well.

The House Party

On Friday night, my colleague hosted a goodbye party at her house for one of our co-workers who got a new job. It dawned on me that while there would likely be some snacks at the event suitable for me, I would probably be hungry and need more than just veggies and fruit. So, I went to task and made some challenge-approved snacks. Although I was bringing three different items to share, it was partly selfish since I wanted to enjoy snacks at the party, and I wanted others to try my food so they know I’m actually eating delicious food.

Grilled Veggie, Quinoa & Kale Salad

This was my main dish at the party, and was enjoyed by others. I really think the dressing makes it, which is a mix of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider, dijon mustard, garlic and sea salt.

Cookie Dough Balls

These vegan snacks are nutty and mouthwatering. From the Oh She Glows book, I’ve made them a few times and they never last long. Favourite compliment of the night? “Sorcery!”

Raw Two-Layer Brownies

Yes, the same brownies from my blog post Hope, Sweet Hope, these tasty squares are amazing. They received the most compliments of the night – even from those who didn’t get the full run-down of the ingredients. Yes, I was the guest who stood by the snack table telling anyone who would listen that the desserts are dairy-free and had no refined sugar. I’m sure it got old fast, but I had no shame. Since I did get some requests for the recipe, here it is.

Since it was a party, I will note that I did indulge in some adult beverages. Well, one beverage – red wine. I had been concerned about what might happen after a few glasses, i.e. wanting to eat off-limit snacks, but I managed just fine. There were some appetizing items, but the snacks I brought appeared to do the trick so I wasn’t tempted otherwise.

The Dinner Out

On Saturday evening, I was out for dinner and, while it was not my first time dining out, it was the first time I was back at a restaurant where I have a go-to favourite (chicken tenders) that would not be an option for me. I went with the Thai lettuce wraps with grilled chicken and veggies. They were delicious, but I do question whether the Thai sauce was actually acceptable. I felt fine afterwards, but it reminded me how I need to be cautious with sauces.

The Friend Catch-Up

On Saturday night, I went to Toronto to meet up with friends who live out of town. I was a bit nervous about being a wet blanket when it comes to food and drink, but my friends were willing to accommodate (and put up with) my particular requests. We stayed in, which helped, and there were some healthy snacks. However, at one point a bag of salt and vinegar chips came out, and I sat beside three people enjoying my vice (note: there were only four of us). I’m happy to say that while a small part of me would have liked to join in, it wasn’t all that difficult to resist.

All said, I think I did quite well this weekend. Prior to this challenge, I’m sure I would have indulged in numerous snacks and drinks over the course of this weekend. I would have felt pretty terrible afterwards and then rationalized that it’s okay since they were special occasions. Now, in the interest of transparency, I haven’t been feeling my best as of late, but more on that tomorrow.


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