Full of Air

In my last post, I mentioned that while I’ve been doing well with staying on track, I haven’t been feeling my best. I’ve been debating how much to share online, and while this blog is about my experience of making amends with my insides, I’m still cautious about how much to write publicly about my insides. After giving it some thought, I decided it’s better to share the ‘not so pretty stuff’ as it is very much part of my experience. So here goes.

I’m full of air.

For about two weeks, I’ve been feeling bloated. Given I’m on day 22, this means I have spent most of this challenge feeling this way. At first I chalked it up to my body adjusting to the changes in food intake. Then I wondered if it was something specific – Maybe it’s the granola? Maybe it’s the veggies?

Most of the time, it’s not overly uncomfortable. My lower abdomen is distended, and sometimes my waistband feels tight, but usually it’s not disrupting my day. On Friday, though, I actually felt some real discomfort followed by confusion and anger. And, that is how I would describe my mood over the last few days. I’m confused about why I’m experiencing this after 3 weeks of eating real food, and I’m angry because I’ve worked pretty darn hard and my insides are still angry. In fact, I haven’t had this type of prolonged bloating in a long time. I say long time because I cannot recall when that would have been, but I assume I have experienced it before based on my history of GI issues.

I think I’m also upset because this feeling seems to have negated the positive effects of what I’ve been doing. Cutting out the processed food and refined sugars have actually resulted in weight loss, but it’s difficult to feel happy about it when my waistbands are tight and I feel uncomfortable. But mostly, I just want to feel good inside, and so far, I cannot say I do.

Since I’m not one to sit around without action, I did look up names of registered dietitians in the area and have made an inquiry with one who focuses on gastrointestinal issues. I did briefly consider trying my own elimination diet experiments, but I think it’s probably best to turn to a professional.

So there is it. Out in the open.


2 thoughts on “Full of Air

  1. Catherine do not despair and good on you to follow-up with a dietician. The body does react in different ways and I would suggest if the bloating does not disappear in the next week you may want to look at what kind of foods you are ingesting. I still feel this bloating is related to a total change in diet and your body needs time to react. Try and stay positive and I commend you on being honest as well. Lots of love Auntie Clare


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