Peanut Butter Cups & Potato Chips

Is your mouth watering?

Mine is.

Over the past few days, I got experimental and created homemade chips and peanut butter cups. Verdict? Very strong first attempt.

Potato Chips

A while ago I bought one of those microwave chip contraptions as a way to enjoy a healthier version of chips. While the thing worked with one rack for the allotted 3 minute instructions, two racks at 6 minutes just didn’t work. And that was sad because I don’t want to make just one rack of chips at a time. Also, it suggested you pat each chip dry. Do you know how tedious it is to pat dry every thinly sliced potato chip?

So, I thought of using the oven and creating baked chips with some olive oil and sea salt. It’s partially inspired by our sweet potato “pucks” side dish. Cut the sweet potato into round pucks, drizzle some oil, salt, and bake (flipping mid-way). I thought I could try that with thin potato slices.

I used my mandolin, which felt good since I rarely use the thing contrary to what I convinced myself when I bought it. I used the waffle cut option to remind me of Ruffles. I brushed a little olive oil on each chip and then ground some fresh sea salt to sprinkle across the chips. I baked them for about 6-7 minutes per side.

Upon eating them, I discovered a few things:

  • The few thin ones were better (sorry, waffle cut)
  • I should have baked them longer
  • These are better than the microwave ones (surprise!)

So, I will try this again. Something I really appreciated is that it was easy to limit my intake since I only bought one potato. And not even a substantial one. Which is really for the best. When I want potato chips, I have to think about it in advance, buy a potato, slice the thing, and then spend almost 20 minutes baking it. Now that’s dedication.

Peanut Butter Cups

I love peanut butter cups. I love most combinations of peanut butter and chocolate. So after I learned I could make chocolate on the stovetop, I started thinking about making peanut butter cups.

I bought tiny cupcake paper cups from the dollar store. Then I made my chocolate (from the raw brownie recipe) and started to pour the base layer of the cups. I put them in the freezer and decided I would add some chopped medjool dates to the peanut butter layer since they give a caramel-like flavour. After chopping the date (these things are pretty big, so one was enough), I brought out the cups from the freezer and proceeded to add the natural peanut butter and date bits. Then I poured the rest of the chocolate over the middle layer before freezing once more.

Verdict? Delicious.They did not last very long. However, in future, I need more peanut butter as the chocolate overwhelmed the inside layer. And, if I were to do the dates and peanut butter again, I would probably blend them together instead of the bits separate from the peanut butter. Yum.



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