Buying Local

Early into this challenge, I made a point to learn more about local food options. One mentioned to me right away by my friend Mandy was Herrle’s. Now, she told me in person, so I heard and subsequently searched online for Hurley’s. This must be a common error as Herrle’s Country Farm Market was still the first search result.

Prior to my first trip there, I was nervous because I had no clue what to expect, and since I was going on a Sunday afternoon, I worried about crowds and all the good stuff being picked over by morning shoppers. I also had never driven there but assumed I would find it alright.

Not only was it easy to find, it was such a beautiful afternoon I felt the need to take a photo.


It was busy but very manageable. I started off with a little basket, but quickly realized I would be needing a cart. I got a lot of fresh, local vegetables for $15. I was very pleased. And, I picked up a Buy Local! Buy Fresh! map highlighting all the local food in the region.

Yesterday I went back to Herrle’s to grab some more produce, and I picked up some local poultry (frozen). My intention was to buy a butternut squash so I could try making a big batch of butternut squash soup. I was able to find what I needed, and much, much more.

Armed with my butternut squash, I was ready to make a simple soup I found earlier that morning. I had previously made butternut squash soup using a book I have (the one and only other time I’ve made soup), but it actually had more potato than squash (or, at least it felt that way). I searched online for a while until I found a straight-forward recipe on edible sound bites.

Now, the last time I cut a butternut squash, I had a minor (or a bit more than minor) freak-out as the skin on my hands turned orange, tight, and started cracking. It felt awful and looked even worse. I felt stupid because the recipe I was following even warned about the skin of the squash causing a reaction for some people. I obviously brushed this advice aside – much to my detriment.

So this time, I wore a rubber glove and successfully peeled and chopped the squash reaction-free! The soup turned out well, and I now have perfectly portioned soup in the freezer for later.

Butternut Squash Soup


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