Let Them Eat Cake

On Saturday I attended my first birthday celebration since beginning this challenge. Though I knew generally what type of food would be there, I was still nervous about being hungry with few options. To minimize the risk, I prepared a smoothie that I consumed on the drive to the party, and I put some of my homemade granola in my purse as a back-up snack.

The spread of food included some veggies, fruit, bread, and a platter of special cheeses and cured meat. The veggies and fruit didn’t have much left by the time we arrived, but there was a LOT of meat and cheese. Subsequently, I ate a lot of meat. Most others enjoyed the selection on a piece of baguette or a cracker, but not me – just meat all by itself.

The tough part of the evening was when the candles were lit on the delicious-looking cupcakes. I watched as cupcakes were passed around and enjoyed. They were rainbow-chip with vanilla frosting, and I could actually smell them from a few feet away. The smell reminded me of the birthday cake timbits and donuts from Tim Horton’s – my recent favourite. I won’t lie. It was mildly intoxicating. But, I resisted. And I noticed they did smell sweet to the point where I realized eating one may actually be too sweet for my palate.

Some may find that last comment outrageous, but I have found eating something sweet after a few weeks of little-to-no sweets can be overwhelming. Or, even when I have been eating sweets, some particular treats are just too much. Take, for example, the recent Oreo donut at Tim Horton’s. When I heard about this new invention, I was enthusiastic. Fast forward to after having eaten one, and I felt sick. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty delicious, and I didn’t even mind having to take a few lactaid pills right before. But, within moments of eating the donut, I felt a wave of sickness. I was actually on my way to a doctor’s appointment (sports medicine, though) and worried I would be sick in the waiting room.

I probably should have known better. Earlier in the year, I had excitedly purchased the winning donut from Tim’s duelling donuts competition (which, yes, I entered but my suggestion of a Nutella donut was obviously not appreciated). It was the Tortoise Torte, which was clearly an attempt to make a Turtles donut without legal repercussion. As someone who really enjoys Turtles, I was thrilled. However, the donut was far too sweet, and I quickly regretted it. I texted my fellow-donut-fanatic friend and warned that she may want to proceed with caution as this donut is tasty but also a precursor to diabetes.

Didn’t know I was so into donuts? Well, I guess you have a better idea now.

But enough about donuts. Back to the birthday.

I did eventually break out the stash of granola later and tried to be subtle, but I wasn’t. It actually got a little awkward when the 2-year old birthday girl walked right up to me and pointed at my granola. She was intrigued, and I felt like a jerk as I awkwardly looked back at her hoping her interest would fade quickly. It eventually did. But my awkwardness lingered.

So I’ve now successfully navigated a birthday celebration complete with cake. And I survived – but with a little less dignity.


One thought on “Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Good for you to stick to your new food program. It is not easy especially in a setting like yours to avoid foods you know you love but at this time in your life they are on hold!! Congrats Catherine.


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