My herb garden is doing quite well with little-to-no work on my part. I had worried about the lack of sunlight in that specific area, but alas, the herbs are thriving nonetheless. I took a photo to show the progress as compared to the first day.


As far as use of the herbs, I most regularly use the basil for fresh tomato sauce. I’ve used parsley for fresh pizza sauce. I haven’t used the mint or cilantro just yet, but I suspect I will soon. The one that I had been worried about was dill.

Growing up, I really didn’t think I was a dill fan (outside the pickle). I never liked the flavour of dill pickle chips, and the smell of dill reminded me of that fact. So, I mostly stayed away from foods that used dill. In the past few years, I’ve be re-introduced to the herb primarily through creamy dressings. Choosing to include dill in my herb garden felt like a gamble since I wasn’t sure how or if I would use it.

Last week I decided to look for a creamy dill dressing free of dairy that I could make at home. Sure enough, the one that sounded the best to me was on Oh She Glows as part of a larger recipe (Dinosaur Dill Crunch Salad with Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas). Although the recipe itself sounded good, I just used it for the dill dressing since I wanted to make a cucumber salad.

I spiralized my cucumber, threw in some pumpkin seeds and then added the creamy dill dressing, and it was excellent. I’m sure it would have been just as good with chunks of cucumber, but I liked the effect of the spiralizer. I’ve now made this a few times and I highly recommend it for a simple, light, fresh snack or as a side dish.


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