So Far, Not So Bad

I’m five days into my even-more-restrictive-diet and, all things considered, it’s not so bad. I’ve had to re-think some things and plan a bit more, but I’m responding well to the challenge. Having more time on the weekend definitely helps, so yesterday I decided to make a new snack that isn’t ideal for packing and taking to work.

I made fresh guacamole (including cilantro from my herb harden) and baked brown rice tortilla chips with some extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Guac and Chips

I suppose I could make this ahead of time and bring them to work, but I really like warm chips right out of the oven.

I also experimented with fruit given the additional time I had available. Yesterday I cut a banana into slices and fried them in some coconut oil and a little cinnamon, then warmed some almond butter to pour over top. This was an experiment that sounded good in principle, but didn’t work quite how I wanted it. Though I developed the idea on my own, I did look online and saw some others recommending banana fried in coconut oil, but they glazed theirs with a honey-water mixture. Since honey’s off the table for now, that wasn’t an option, so no browning occurred. Also, they recommend bananas closer to the green side of the spectrum since ripe ones get too mushy – verified. Although they didn’t look pretty, and I won’t make them this way again, it was still warm and delicious.

Today, I picked up some fresh honey crisp apples (my favourite apple by far) and tried something related to yesterday’s experiment. (Actually, the apple idea came before the banana, but I didn’t have any apples yesterday.) I peeled and chopped the apple into chunks, coated them with almond meal, then fried them in coconut oil and a sprinkle of cinnamon. This worked much better, and I did get some browning this time. It was very good. My only caution is that the almond meal did clump a bit, but it didn’t bother me much.

Now, just 23 days to go…


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