Homemade Hummus

This has been a long time coming. Making hummus at home.

I’ve actually been planning to make hummus for years. I even bought tahini about 6 years ago with the intention to make it, and then the jar of tahini sat in the cupboard never to be used. I did eventually dispose of that tub – though I feel I held onto it longer than would be considered acceptable.

Fast-forward to late-August when I decided to take on this challenge and hummus was back on the list. And then the weeks went by, and still nothing.

When I started the elimination diet last week and hummus was a suggested snack option, I knew I wanted to make some, but would probably wait until the weekend. In the meantime, I went to a nearby Mediterranean restaurant that sells really good fresh hummus. To be safe, I inquired about the ingredients. I explained that I had some restrictions, and he asked, “just tell me what you can’t eat and I’ll tell you if it’s in there”. I quickly replied, “The list is so long is probably best for you to tell me what’s in the hummus”. He started listing the ingredients and everything sounded good… until he paused and named the last ingredient – sugar. My face dropped, and he started to explain that there’s very little sugar in the recipe, and it’s just a pinch. But, I didn’t want to take the risk.

I then looked at some pre-made options at the grocery store only to find other ingredients on my “no” list, such as canola oil. All signs pointed to – make your own hummus, already.

Finally, on Sunday, I did it. I even took the extra time to peel the skin off each chickpea. And, it turned out really well (in my humble opinion)…



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