The Long Weekend

It’s the long weekend, and this particular weekend involves a visit to my parents’ place, including a Thanksgiving dinner. This also means being away from my kitchen for a few days. Needless to say, some prep work was involved to ensure a smooth trip away from home.

First, I send the list of what I could and could not eat to my mom. Then I made a list of which things I would bring (blender, smoothie ingredients, snack foods, etc). I also made the mistake of buying a bunch of produce forgetting I would be leaving before being able to finish it. So, prep also included packing a cooler full of food.

Upon arrival, my mom and I planned all the meals for the weekend (except Thanksgiving dinner, which is a given) and then went to the grocery store to stock up.

Overall, there are no issues for sticking with my meal plan, which is great. However, I do find one drawback is the social element of the long weekend. Usually, this weekend is a time to catch up with friends – typically over food or drinks. But, this time that’s not as simple. The good news – I have understanding friends. But, that doesn’t change the fact I feel bad about it. For example, “Maybe we can go for breakfast?”. “Um, I can’t”.

But, it’s only temporary, and I keep reminding myself of that. And – the reminders do help me keep perspective.


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