50 Day Check-In

It’s official. I have completed half of my 100-day challenge.

Yesterday was Day 50.

How do I feel?

I’d say I’m feeling 90% good. Even with two weeks of the elimination diet behind me, I know I can still feel better. But, I do notice a significant improvement. And while I still strive to find peace with my insides, I must say the biggest improvement is my mindset.

My Improved Mindset

I went from being the person who couldn’t say no to a treat, dessert, or snack, to a person who declines (politely, I hope) those same options. Instead of feeling like I’m missing out, I feel like I’m committed to feeling better. Yes, there are times that are harder than others. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the smell of old favourites triggered fond memories – and made my mouth water – but I knew declining was in my best interest and, hopefully, in future, I’ll enjoy those old favourites again. And, if I find out my body doesn’t tolerate those foods anymore, I’ll find new ones.

I’ve also been spending time learning more about food, the food industry, research on the relationship between food and health, so I’m noticing changes not only in what and how I eat, but how I think about food on the whole. It was kick-started in the summer by Michael Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food, but since then I have read more books, watched documentaries, TED talks, and articles on the subject.

Now, this isn’t all new to me as I’ve been reading and watching these types of things before I started this challenge, but I now see them through a different lens. Before, I found these things interesting and sometimes very compelling, but the thought of me dramatically changing my diet seemed like an insurmountable task. So I did nothing. This time around, I know first-hand that changing what and how I eat is not only possible, but also has tremendous possibilities for my health and well-being.

The Next 50 Days

The first 2 of 7 weeks will be focused on finishing this elimination diet. Following that, I’ll be re-introducing some of the eliminated foods to figure out what stays and what goes. I’ve raided the local public library’s cookbook section in the hopes of finding more delicious meals. I stuck mostly to vegan cookbooks since dairy, eggs and many meats are currently off the table. The good news – many vegan cookbooks to choose from. The bad news – not all vegan cookbooks are created equally. Some embrace natural or limited sweeteners while others welcome refined sugar. Sometimes I forget vegan does not necessarily mean healthy. Suggestions for worthwhile books are welcome!


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