What I Miss

I must say that while the challenge is going well, I am noticing part of me missing certain foods. Surprisingly, it’s not salt and vinegar chips. I would have put money on that.

The item I’m finding myself thinking about? Donuts. But, not your standard Tim Horton’s donut (a past favourite). Instead I think about artisan donuts. You know, the kind you find in a speciality shop or a bakery. I didn’t even have many of these in the past, but I have recently stumbled across stories about small donut shops or seen them on the food network. Those are the ones I imagine eating.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not torn up about it. I simply think about them more than I would have imagined. And, hopefully, I will get to a place where once in a while, I can enjoy one. But, I want it to be a good one. Something worthwhile.

One of my former co-workers once said, “I was raised on the idea that if you are going to have a treat or dessert, make sure it’s a high quality one. Why have a [insert run-of-the-mill chocolate bar here] when you can have a Toblerone?” Sure, you may not enjoy Toblerone, but his point was clear and had merit.

While I don’t yet know which foods cooperate best with me at the moment, I think this will be a good rule to follow in the future. Obviously, the rule works best with the concept that treats are some of the time foods as compared to all of the time foods.


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