Am I a Flexitarian?

As I continue to gather knowledge about food, I find myself inclined to figure out where I stand on the spectrum of types of eaters.

I have always been an omnivore – and the kind who could stand to eat more vegetables.

And, as I still consume meat, I continue to be an omnivore, but I am noticing a shift in my thinking about how much meat I eat and where that meat comes from.

In Pollan’s In Defense of Food, he states right from the outset: “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” As his book was motivation for this challenge, it’s clear his words had an impact on me. However, I didn’t find myself changing much about how much meat I was consuming. Over the past weeks, I have done more reading on plant-based diets and watched the film Forks Over Knives, which reviews some compelling research into the health benefits of these diets.

In the past, I would often have strong negative reactions to the concept of veganism. It always seemed incredibly extreme and restrictive. Ironically, now I’m finding myself drawn to the principles of the plant-based diet in the interest of my health. And, one of the doctors in the film points out that we often think of changing our diet as extreme but don’t consider surgical interventions or daily medications in the same light.

So, that brings me to the question – what kind of eater am I?

Well, I still eat meat and fish, but I have made a conscious effort to pay attention to where the meat I buy comes from. And, I’m making more plant-based meals and intend to reduce my overall meat consumption. Based on what I’ve read, some might consider this a flexitarian diet. I’ve also read the term “meat reducer”. Really, I prefer no label at all, but I’m glad I’m now conscious about what and how I eat.


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