Poultry Surprise

Earlier this week, my friend Pat brought me fresh rosemary and sage – two of the herbs I should have included in my herb garden. Upon receiving this gift, I decided to make another whole chicken.

I went to Brady’s Meat and Deli in Waterloo, where they had a new arrival of local, free-run chickens. The friendly staff member verified the inside of the chicken was, in fact, empty (not sure I was ready for that just yet). So I bought the chicken and headed home to roast it.

I prepared the rub and lemon for the inside and when it came time to rinse and pat dry the chicken, I was in for a surprise. When I pulled the chicken from the bag, I felt something unexpected hit my forearm. I looked down to find the neck was still attached to the chicken. Just the neck. No head. But – it was gross. At first, I shuddered a little, and then, I told myself it’s actually a good reminder for someone working at being a more conscious omnivore.

So, now I know. And maybe next time I’ll ask about the insides AND if they can kindly remove the neck for me.


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