Biggest Challenge Yet

I’m in Orlando, Florida. I will be here for 4 full days for a conference. I’m staying in a neighbourhood one can only describe as hotel and restaurant alley. And, we’re not talking high-class dining. No, my friends, not even close.

In fact, five minutes from the hotel is the largest McDonald’s play place in the world (or so claims the sign). It’s huge and has two-story tall neon french fries across it.

The conference kicked off this evening with a banquet dinner and speakers. Huge credit is due to the conference organizers who prepared dietary restriction cards for individuals to show the servers at the table. I had 3 cards: no dairy, no gluten, and one that I wrote saying no garlic, no onions. Well, that stumped our server, who, by the way, was actually very kind and took careful notes. As he cleared away the starter salads, he told me, “they’re still trying to figure yours out” – referring to the main course.

I eventually received a plate full of vegetables. Our server was so proud I didn’t have the heart to tell him I didn’t think the potatoes were actually dairy-free. About an hour and a half later, my insides reinforced my suspicions.

Following dinner, the trek was made to Whole Foods in search of snack food for the remaining days here. I imagine meals will continue to be a challenge, but the one catered meal is now behind me – although I can’t yet say the same about the after effects of said meal.


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