Unexpected Benefit?

Yesterday at my dental appointment, both my hygienist and dentist were noticeably surprised about the state of my gums. Each one commented about how much better my gums look compared to last time. Apparently at the last visit, they were more inflamed and red. Now, I feel I should mention that the previous state of my gums did not appear to warrant any action on my part – in case you were picturing gnarly, horrible gums.

After mentioning the improvement of my gums, they asked, “have you done something different?”. In all honesty, I’ve actually been flossing less that before my last visit. I still floss a lot more than the average person, but I know it has taken a dip. So, the only thing I could think of was my diet. I told them I cut out processed foods and refined sugars, and that I haven’t had coffee in almost two months. I don’t know if the changes in eating have actually been the cause of my improved gum health, but it seems possible.

So I’ll just take my healthy gums and consider that an unexpected benefit of my changed diet. And if I’m wrong, well, it doesn’t really matter.


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