Vegetable Stand-Off

I’ve been feeling a bit better over the last couple of weeks. When I thought about what was different, I realized – unfortunately – that I haven’t been as good at eating my vegetables.

Maybe it’s the cold weather and leaving work in the dark that have inspired more comfort foods, and meals like ‘breakfast for dinner’. Maybe it’s because I have to avoid a number of vegetables I used to eat regularly, and since it’s not easy to keep track, I just avoid most of them. I’m guessing it’s a combination of things, but ultimately, I’m starting to wonder if a big part of my problem was digesting vegetables.

If this is the case, then it’s kind of sad that I’m finding this out so late. And it could be other things, too. I am avoiding other foods – not just certain/many vegetables. Also, it’s not in my best interest to eat fewer vegetables since they are so important for my health. I’m going to experiment a bit more and see which ones are most compatible with my system.

However, I do leave for my vacation in just over 10 days, so there isn’t much time for experimentation. And yes, that’s the last day of my challenge. But more on that later.


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