100 Days Later

Well, it’s been 100 days since I started my challenge. I’m actually writing this post from the airport as I wait to board my flight. What better time to reflect…

Strong Start
I am really proud of the work I put into this challenge, especially when things got tough but I kept it up. There were some really frustrating patches, but I could still be proud of the work I was doing.

Weak Finish
I have to admit I did not finish strong. I struggled after Florida and never seemed to get the energy back. I attribute the struggle to a mix of short days (aka dark by 5pm) and my difficulty catching on with the low-FODMAP diet.

I also let myself relax over the last couple days when I was having meals with friends. I made it 98 days without a donut, and when I did have one, it was, well, glorious. As much as I would have liked to resist for a couple more days, I liked being surrounded with friends when I enjoyed an old favourite for the first time in months.

Regardless of me caving a couple days early with an old vice, there were some realizations that impressed me.

1. No soda. I haven’t had pop since August, and I’m proud of it. I have craved it on a few occasions, but never acted on it.

2. Coffee-free for over 2 months. Knowing I would need to give up coffee for my elimination diet, I switched to green tea at the end of September and haven’t looked back.

3. No McDonald’s since the summer. I’m not proud that this is impressive since it should be an easy one, but I do enjoy a little visit to the golden arches once in a while. I imagine I will break this streak on my trip since I have a tradition to try McDonald’s in every country I visit.

All told, I have a lot to be proud of, and I am thankful for having done it.

Now I have a few weeks away to think of my next challenge.


One thought on “100 Days Later

  1. Catherine good on you for seeing this challenge through to the end. 100 days is a long time. Enjoy your trip to Australia and I will look forward to travel updates. Lots of love Auntie Clare


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