So far, so good

I’m on Day 5 of the spring cleanse, and I must say it’s going well so far. I didn’t feel wonderful during the first couple of days, but when I woke on Wednesday morning (before my alarm), I felt really rested, which put me in a good mood. I had so much energy I was able to get in a lunch walk, and when I got home, I was really productive and even did some mid-week vacuuming (not usually a thing for me). After dinner I added a long walk, and before I knew it, my fitbit registered over 13,000 steps!

Somewhat surprisingly, I haven’t been thinking much about sugar (or donuts). Usually when I eliminate sugar, it’s not so smooth. I was even given a thank you package of chocolates, and even though they are within eyesight on my desk, I don’t feel the urge to break into them. Now that I’ve typed it, I realize I would be best not to keep them at my desk.

Okay, all hidden.

Where were we?

Aside from my healthy energy levels and the absence of sugar cravings, I must admit I feel… drum-roll please… bloated. Yes, once again, my stomach is distended and my waistbands are tight. I don’t feel much discomfort (thankfully) but it’s annoying.

I plan on being patient and trying variations on meals to see if there are some triggers (namely, vegetables and legumes). I also don’t want to stress about it since that will only make things worse. It’s early yet.


One thought on “So far, so good

  1. Keep up the good work Catherine. The bloating could also stem from the fact your body is adjusting to a lack of some foods in your diet.


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