A Giant Whiteboard and Colourful Markers

I read the quote “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend 4 hours sharpening my axe”, attributed to Abraham Lincoln (apparently incorrectly).

Regardless of who said it, I thought it was relevant to this program. Changing what you eat and how you eat can be stressful and challenging, but if you prepare in advance, it’s really achievable.

So, earlier this week I got out some of my colourful dry erase markers and the giant white board (4’x 3′) and starting writing writing down meals I would like to make during the next 6 weeks. Each colour is for a different cookbook:

I do also have the Nom Nom Paleo app on my iPad, which is an amazing resource. Most of her meals are compliant and she has a Whole30 category.

Now, I normally would sit down and plan out my entire first week, but since I’ve been cooking mostly paleo meals over the past year, I don’t need as much prep to get started this time around. I probably didn’t actually need a whiteboard filled with recipes, but the purpose is morseo to get excited about meal possibilities. Without it, it’s likely I would repeat the same meals over and over resulting in food boredom – not a good place to be.

Also, one main reasons I’m sharing a photo of the whiteboard is to help answer the question I get fairly often. What CAN you eat?? The answer is – a lot.


One thought on “A Giant Whiteboard and Colourful Markers

  1. Good luck Catherine. I hope the journey proves successful. From experience I know how difficult diets can be to not only follow but to feel excited about eating period!!


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