One Week In

I’m currently 7 days into this thing. Or, 15.6%, but who’s counting…

The first week is the hardest. Albeit not as difficult as the first time.

Last year I experienced headaches for a few days as I transitioned off sugar. I was also tired and a bit grouchy. It really wasn’t until after a week or two that I started to feel really good.

This time around, I’m noticing it’s similar but milder. A few headaches, though not too bad, and some days I don’t have much energy. I think the worst of it was on day 4 when I could barely muster the energy to walk home from a trip to the grocery store near my house.

I can tell that my thyroid is acting up a bit, and I’m hopeful that it’s temporary as my body adjusts. I’ll know for sure next week when I go for my next round of bloodwork. It’s not enough to cause concern, just enough to be annoying.

In the meantime, I am finding myself missing sugar. I may have spent some time sniffing the delicious-smelling Hubba Bubba gum in a nearby office at work this morning. Probably not the best idea I’ve ever had.


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