My Thyroid and I are Fighting

Over the past few days, I have been feeling pretty bad.

It started with the sensation I feel in my throat before I’m going to throw up. Except I knew my body wasn’t actually going to throw up. Just the sensation. How fun.

Then it was followed by a general feeling of malaise. Very similar to what brought me to the doctor in the first place and ended with a diagnosis of Graves’ disease. This is extremely frustrating as I had been feeling pretty good over the past few months.

I do consider myself fortunate because I have not really experienced the typical symptoms – sweating, palpitations and racing heart, shaking, rapid and unexplained weight loss, etc. I had experienced some heart rate spikes in July, but that was during exercise. Aside from that, my only symptoms have been throat discomfort and feeling car-sick occasionally (regardless of the car).

But, the past few days have been quite uncomfortable.

On Wednesday, I seriously considered stopping my Whole45. I was feeling awful, tired, and stressed out. I hated the idea of stopping but if ever there was a valid reason, autoimmune disorder complications would be one.

After some considerable thought, I decided to stick with it. Here’s why:

  1. The foods that I would have wanted to add would be those that are convenient and quick, which means probably lower in nutritional value. And let’s be honest, when I’m sick or feeling frustrated, the food I  want is comfort food aka emotional eating. I knew this would not improve my health.
  2. A few months ago, I watched a talk online about how our body responds to stress. The speaker noted that typical advice for dealing with stress includes: do yoga, meditate, breathing exercises, etc. And while there is nothing wrong with those things, when you are stressed, these tasks can feel daunting and almost more stress-inducing. But, you can take charge of what you eat and choose foods that are in your best interest. And during this stressful time, it’s helpful to have clear guidelines that simplify decision-making.

Now, it crossed my mind that maybe this process is causing my increased symptoms. I did some reading and there is a section of the book explaining that those with autoimmune disorders may feel a bit worse before feeling better.

And, because I am working with my doctor, I went for blood work yesterday and will see her in a few days, so I’ll discuss it with her. However, I got my lab results and my thyroid hormones  (T3 and T4) are actually now both in range. Which begs the question, why do I feel so bad?


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