Fruit Gummies

This weekend my much-anticipated amazon delivery arrived: gelatin and a candy mold.

I had wanted to try making homemade gummies after seeing some straight-forward recipes online. I had also been wanting to find another way to get collagen into my diet aside from making broth. 

My first attempt was easy, just raspberries, lemon juice and gelatin, but I didn’t remove the seeds and I didn’t love the flavour. They did look good, though.

So yesterday I tried a different recipe that involves simmering the berries (this time both raspberry and strawberry) with a little lemon juice then mixing the gelatin in some boiled water and combining the fruit and dissolved gelatin.

I had wanted to strain the seeds first but forgot so I strained it with the gelatin, which was tricky, and I hope to never make that mistake again. It made a lot more so I had to use a mini muffin tray as well as the candy mold. After a few hours in the fridge,  they came out great!

So now I have homemade “candy” as a way to get some collagen proteins in my diet. 

Thyroid Update

After discussing with my doctor last week, we decided to start a very low dose of medication. The main issue is my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone levels are non-existent,  so while my thyroid hormones being in range is technically good, they are being driven by antibodies pretending to be TSH. 

So now I’m a week in. The drugs take a few weeks to work, apparently, so I won’t know much until my lab work in 3 more weeks. While I don’t feel worse, I don’t feel much better. Just a different type of “off”. Before I felt car sick and now I feel drops in my energy and a reduced appetite. It is definitely frustrating and a challenge, but once again I want to keep perspective and remember that it could always be much worse. 


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