Something to Celebrate

Since April, I have gone for plenty of lab tests. Since the summer, it’s been every 4 weeks. And every time, I eagerly check the online lab results page to watch like a scientist working on an n=1 experiment.

In the past, seeing the online lab results has been a source of confusion, relief, frustration or even concern. Close friends have encouraged me to ease off logging in or even not log in at all. I explain that I understand their suggestion, but that no, I know myself well enough to know that if the results are available to me, I’m going to look. The alternative might cause more stress.

Since my first test in the Spring, I have always been able to tell when the results are in since they are marked with a red exclamation point. Like this one:


As one might suspect, this is not a good thing. It means one or more results are out of range.

And, every single test, I see the little red exclamation point and know my results are in. So when I checked in last night and didn’t see the red exclamation point, I figured it was too soon. And not surprisingly, only the Haematology results were back, and there were no red flags. This good since I need to watch my white blood cells.

Fast forward to this morning when I check in again. No red flag. Still too early for the Chemistry and Thyroid results. But wait, I’m wrong. Most of the results are back – everything except my thyroid antibodies. And no red flags yet. For the first time since starting these tests, my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone levels are back in range. Excellent news.

A few hours pass and I log in again, expecting to see a red flag telling me my thyroid antibody results are back. No red flag, but I look anyway. And to my surprise, the result is not only in but also in range.

So for the first time during this process, all my lab results are completely normal. In other words, the elusive euthyroid state has been achieved.

Definitely something worth celebrating.



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